City of Saginaw, Michigan

The Frank N. Andersen Celebration Park is home to Saginaw's new Skate Park! The Skate Park is part of the larger 4-acre Park, which features a three-section splash park, a picnic area with a 40' steel-framed, cedar-interior pavilion with picnic tables, Bocce ball courts with provided seating, and a European-style playscape, complete with three slides and a rock-climbing wall. The Park also features a quarter mile of walking paths and benches along Linton Lake for leisurely strolls and nature watching. The Lake Linton Boardwalk provides areas to view the Millennium Fountain, the Gothic architecture of the City's Water Treatment Plant, and the various wildlife that call this area home, including a pair of American Bald Eagles.

The much needed renovation of the aging Andersen Water Park introduced a new jewel to the City of Saginaw a striking 15,000 foot concrete, outdoor skateboard and inline skate park. The skate park has an excess of rails, verts, ramps, and jumps for skaters to execute all the ollies, 50-50s, grinds, and fakies they can throw down. The skate park follows a "flow" layout, which combines elements of both "bowl" and "street" blueprints. There is no standard design model for skate parks each park is created specifically to deliver unique perks and challenges to its users. The inclusive design for this park was constructed with the help of local citizens and gives a real sense of community and ownership to all who partake in what the park has to offer. The expansive setup of the park provides skaters with lots of ground to conquer, while certain areas operate as "safe zones" for less experienced riders.

Weather permitting, the skate park is open year-round. The park offers a chance for people of all ages and skill levels to enjoy the thrills and excitement of skateboarding, inline skating, and biking on the various courses-so whether you're a novice or a pro, hit the pavement and soak up the sun at the new Frank N. Andersen Celebration Skate Park!