City of Saginaw, Michigan

Historic Hoyt Park, conveniently located downtown next to the Saginaw Children's Zoo and across from the Japanese Cultural Center and Tea House, provides a plethora of fun and family-oriented activities for individuals of all ages. The Park boasts 6 softball fields in the summer months along with plenty of greenery and fresh air, making it a perfect place to play, bike, run, or enjoy a leisurely walk. In previous years, Hoyt Park offered only sledding and snowboarding hills during the winter season, however, in 2013 the park opened itself to much more. For the first time in a decade, Hoyt Park is now home to an outdoor winter ice-rink for ice-skating and hockey-complete with a warming house, hot chocolate, and skate rentals. Hoyt Park also provides a nice spectator spot away from the crowds to watch Saginaw's annual Fourth of July Firework celebration. Come enjoy all that Hoyt Park has to offer, whatever the season may be!