City of Saginaw, Michigan

Memorial Cup 2024 Saginaw MI   The City of Saginaw has been chosen to host the Canadian Hockey League's (CHL) 2024 Memorial Cup tournament, presented by Dow, at the Dow Event Center from May 24th, 2024 through June 2nd, 2024. More information on the tournament, including schedule, history, tickets, and more, can be found at the CHL's Official Memorial Cup webpage.


Hare Hunt Website Text 2024 - 01
An exciting promotion opportunity for the Saginaw area

An opportunity for area businesses and organizations to gain broad exposure by sponsoring one or more “Saginaw Bunnies” to be used in a “scavenger hunt” contest to find all 21 Saginaw Bunnies at various locations around town, each sighting being an entry for valuable prizes to be awarded at the 2024 Memorial Cup at the DOW Event Center.

21 carefully selected locations throughout Saginaw intended to:

  • Educate – Increase awareness of the many recreational, cultural, and commercial assets within the city.
  • Unite – Create a sense of community for our area
  • Excite - Re-establish the area as a regional destination of choice.
  • Entertain – Delight residents, visitors, and tournament participants during the weeks up to and including the duration of the Tournament.
  • Promote – Foment economic activity in the area, particularly for small, locally owned businesses, and develop a reputation as an inviting, exciting area to live, work and visit.

Saturday, May 11, 2024 through Sunday June 2, 2024.

People choose where to live, work, shop or visit based on whether the area meets their criteria for what they are looking for.  Whether the area or business is even considered depends on what information they can recall or can gather about it.  The Hare Hunt represents an opportunity for regional businesses and organizations to capture people’s attention, gain exposure, update the information they have available, sway opinions, and positively affect their perceptions in a way that results in measurable benefits to all.

Up to 21 regional businesses and organizations will have the opportunity to sponsor the Saginaw Bunnies. The 21 Bunnies will be placed at selected entertainment, cultural and civic locations. Sponsors can decorate the bunnies to their specifications at their expense, but must affix their logo and a provided barcode.  Participants in the Hare Hunt will use QR codes to capture their contest entry via their smartphone, or manually enter the entry on our website.  Regardless of method used, the QR code will automatically lead to a specially designed webpage, which will feature all bunnies, a map of their locations, lists to all sponsor websites and other information about things to do in Saginaw during the Memorial Cup.

Participants will need to provide contact information with their first entry, and submit subsequent entries using their email as a username and a password of their choice.  Participants will be allowed one entry per bunny per location.  Prizes will be awarded based on a random drawing from all the entries, so that the more times a participant can find the bunnies at the different locations, the more chances to win.  Prizes to be awarded will be of such desirability and value as to provide substantial inducement to participate in the contest.

To maximize participation, a cohesive and comprehensive promotional campaign will be conducted beginning in April of 2024.  The Hare Hunt website will be the anchor, but the campaign will leverage both traditional and non-traditional media including radio, TV, Cable, local and regional newspapers, billboards, and social media as budget allows.

Sponsorship opportunities are being offered to a select number of companies and organizations whose business objectives are most likely to be favorably impacted by this initiative.  Bunny sponsorships will be offered at $3,000 each, with other options for sponsorships given as well. Please contact below to learn how you can support this project!

To sponsor this project if you have any questions please contact:
 Cassi Zimmerman, City of Saginaw Director of Planning and Economic Development