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Mid-Michigan Children's Museum

Exploring. Learning. Cooperating. Discovering. Meeting. Creating. Investigating. Imagining. Building. Laughing. All of these words help to describe the educational experience that is the Mid-Michigan Children's Museum.

The bright and friendly building is inviting both outside and in. With over 16,000 square feet of gallery space and additional space that houses program rooms, classrooms, gift shop, and administrative offices, the space is used to its fullest extent, and is creatively designed to accommodate the exhibit galleries.

A visit to the Mid-Michigan Children's Museum (MMCM) provides visitors with an experience unlike any other available throughout the Great Lakes Bay Region, as it is the only hands-on museum designed solely for children under 10. The gallery applications were planned to meet the Michigan Grade Level Content Expectations, Common Core and National Early Learning Standards. Designed by museum professionals, fabricated by highly skilled craftsmen, the MMCM gallery elements provide top-notch inspiration for children to explore and imagine. The MMCM was voted the Best Destination for a Rainy Day and the Best of the Best Children's Museum in the Great Lakes Bay Region three years in a row. Print and How Magazines voted the MMCM the 2010 Color in Design Award.

The Mid-Michigan Children's Museum is committed to building the future by nurturing learning experiences, encouraging family relationships, and serving as a resource for both the communities and the educational systems throughout the region. Museum exhibits and programs work hand-in-hand with the school systems, supporting what goes on in the classroom. The MMCM is the ideal location for field trips, church groups, scout troops, birthday parties, family gatherings, corporate family parties and family fun!


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