Over the past three years, the City of Saginaw diligently worked to become certified by the Redevelopment Ready Communities® program through the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC). The program is designed to help communities attract and retain new business investments and residents by instituting best practices in economic development and placemaking (the approach to the planning, design and management of public spaces).

The City of Saginaw officially received certification in April 2019. After researching to learn more about the general attitudes of residents towards Saginaw’s redevelopment progress, a marketing campaign was developed to support the RRC program and the City itself. The goal of this program is to share the positive messages of Saginaw’s economic improvements.

We have created a logo treatment for your use – completely free of charge – in hopes that you’ll help spread this positive message of revitalization throughout the community.

how you can help

The marketing campaign strategically focuses on highlighting the unique offerings of Saginaw. These unique offerings will be expressed by replacing the operative word in our message. For example, the City will use mainly use the word ‘opportunity’ in all communications.

Other industries will have a different word in place of ‘opportunity’ to express a different character of the City. For example, community organizations and non-profits will use the ‘community’ logo treatment.

Together, local businesses across numerous industries have the opportunity to reinforce who Saginaw is – and the determination and the grit of its residents – by splashing this message throughout the city in various forms. The key element is YOU; and our message will be bolstered by business participation. Battle cries resonate when they are shouted with gusto as one collective force. There is strength in numbers. This campaign invites Saginaw businesses and leaders to lead the charge to express a message that focuses on the rebirth of Saginaw as a current, living, breathing initiative of action. We BUILD. Present tense.

opportunity image community image

where it should be used

Everywhere! These logo treatments are formatted to be used in your advertisements, on your website, social media, as building banners, on billboards, etc. Simply add the logo treatment to your advertisement as an additional element – almost like the Good Housekeeping Seal – and you’re ready to go! We do ask that you respect the integrity of the logo treatment – and the campaign – by refraining from altering the logo treatment in any way. Please follow the usage guide and instructions included in the appropriate logo treatment package below.

logo treatment

We have carefully selected different operative words, according to industry, that are active, engaging, and that show the strength and unity of the community. In most cases, these words are intangible. Sure, Sushi Remix restaurant builds great sushi, but they offer something much more meaningful: an opportunity for enjoyment and connection.

If you would like to use the logo treatments please contact the City's Manager office at (989) 795-1401 or (989) 759-1403.

Click here to view Logo Treatment brochure.