City of Saginaw, Michigan


The City of Saginaw prides itself on being a culturally diverse City in the Great Lakes Bay Region with a beautiful and picturesque view of the Saginaw River. Saginaw is a great place to make your home, educate your children, work at local businesses, enjoy arts and culture, eat at one of the many local restaurants with delicious and ethnic cuisine, play in neighborhood parks, and attend the year-round special events and activities planned for your enjoyment in the City.

Saginaw offers residents the opportunity to taste, touch, and experience the culture in the food at local restaurants, arts, and entertainment. Residents benefit from exceptional medical facilities, active neighborhoods, thriving business districts, and a solid network of parks and community centers. Saginaw residents are engaged with a committed spirit of volunteerism and very active faith-based community.

The City of Saginaw offers residents a well-established city with many historic buildings of architectural significance. These remarkable, historic buildings are beloved by many and are a catalyst to new construction and the revitalization and regentrification efforts in the City. Saginaw is experiencing a dynamic momentum and synergy with local businesses contributing to a vibrant and growing downtown and City.

The City of Saginaw offers residents many services, programs and resources. The links on this page will provide you with information about Saginaw's history, public transportation, education and the "Saginaw Promise" of a college education, our many neighborhood associations, how you can "Buy Local" at the Downtown Farmer's Market, the many revitalization efforts by the Downtown Development Authority, and much more.