City of Saginaw, Michigan

June 10, 2020 SAGINAW, MI – At the June 8 Saginaw City Council Meeting, council members voted unanimously to adopt a resolution condemning racism. To begin the meeting, Mayor Floyd Kloc made the following statement:

Before we start the regular business of council tonight, I want to address directly the members of the public who have joined this Saginaw City Council virtual meeting tonight, or who will view it later.
Certainly by now pretty much everyone has heard, and seen, the tragic events in Minneapolis, Minnesota involving the death of George Floyd caused by the actions of a police officer.

Not only was his death avoidable had proper use of force been employed, but it was preventable had the other 3 officers present intervened to uphold their sworn duty to protect every member of the public, no matter their skin color.
Today, your city council meets for the first time since George Floyd’s death and the many protests that have happened worldwide since. It is unfortunate that our schedule required a 3 week hiatus at this critical time, but it did.

Nevertheless, we are meeting today. And in meeting today I believe it is imperative for this council, as a body, to condemn the discrimination, systemic racism, and social inequality that has marked so much of the black community’s experience in this country for over four hundred years, and for us to dedicate ourselves to doing everything we can to eliminate those evils from our city.

Together with Mayor-Pro-Tem Moore and with the help of the City Manager’s office, a draft resolution has been prepared for council’s consideration tonight, and during the later Additional Motions portion of our meeting I will be moving approval of this resolution for discussion by council, and hopefully for its adoption.”

During the meeting, council members stated they were proud of our citizens, for making their voices heard in many peaceful yet powerful demonstrations. Members acknowledged the need for change in our city, our state, and throughout the nation; and to continue taking additional steps toward new or expanded initiatives focused on creating transparency and implementing solutions that produce meaningful results in the community.
Saginaw Mayor Floyd Kloc commented, “We have an obligation to not be silent when incidents or occasions of racism or discrimination occur. We, as a body, must speak out against these injustices.”

At the conclusion of the meeting, members voted unanimously to adopt the resolution condemning racism and to continue to enact policies that undo the effects of systemic racism in the City of Saginaw. To view a copy of the resolution, click here.

For more information, please contact the City Manager’s Office, (989) 759-1403.