City of Saginaw, Michigan

The City of Saginaw would like to provide citizens with an update on the recent allocation of American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds as approved by City Council at the September 26 Single Subject Special Meeting.

The public meeting to discuss the allocation of ARPA funds began at 5:30 pm in Council Chambers. After receiving public input, discussion was held among council members relating to the expenditure of ARPA funds for housing and blight elimination. City Council approved the following motions:

  •  to allocate $5 million of ARPA funds for a revolving loan fund to address blighted commercial and residential structures and further authorize City Staff to create and establish the criteria for these funds to be spent.
  •  to allocate $3.8 million of ARPA funds to improve residential properties on owner occupied dwellings which would include improvements of roofing, furnaces and windows and further authorize City Staff to create and establish the criteria for these funds to be spent.
  •  to allocate $2 million of ARPA funds to address Saginaw’s Food Insecurity/Food Desert challenges via the rehabilitation of an existing publicly owned vacant or blighted structure and to further direct the City Administration to seek a feasibility study for a Co-OP as the first step
  •  to allocate $800,000 of ARPA funds for Environmental Investigation, Clean Up and Blight Remediation, and all needed equipment for these activities through December 31, 2026.
Mayor Brenda F. Moore commented on the meeting, "We are working hard to address the key issues that negatively affect our city. We took steps at this meeting to provide housing rehabilitation programs that will have a positive impact on the quality and stability of our community, address the ongoing blight in the city and the need for environmental clean up, and provide residents easy access to healthier food options. The actions taken by council will help to
revitalize our neighborhoods, attract new residents, promote and protect home ownership, and enhance the health and quality of life for our citizens.” The meeting is available to view on the City’s YouTube channel at

At the September 26 6:30 pm Regular City Council Meeting, City Council also approved a motion to set the topic for the next Single Subject Special Meeting. The subject for the meeting will be to discuss the expenditure of ARPA funds to address public health. A date and time for this meeting has not been finalized.
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