City of Saginaw, Michigan

August 24, 2022 SAGINAW, MI –The Saginaw Fire Department will hold a press conference on Friday, August 26 at 1:30 p.m. at the Central Fire Station, 801 Federal Avenue. At this press conference, the Fire Department will receive an Infant Safe Sleep Certification from the State of Michigan.

The Saginaw Fire Department is the second fire department in the State of Michigan to be Safe Sleep Certified. At Friday’s press conference, fire personnel will explain how the program works and how it will benefit the citizens of Saginaw. Also in attendance will be Dr. Samantha Mishra, DO, MPH - Emergency Medical Services for Children Coordinator, and Colleen Nelson, LMSW - Infant Safe Sleep Program Coordinator, from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

“It is absolutely tragic when we have to respond to an infant death due to
unsafe sleep conditions. Our department felt it was important to receive this certification, and we made the effort to become one of only two departments in the entire state to receive this certification. I am very proud of this certification, and excited to share the benefits of this program with our community.” –Tom Raines, Saginaw Fire Chief.

Members of the media are invited to attend the press conference. There will be time for a brief Q&A at the end of the press conference. For more information, please contact Brandon Hausbeck, Fire Department Training/Safety Officer, (989) 759-1378.