City of Saginaw, Michigan

July 25, 2022 SAGINAW, MI – It’s almost time for Saginaw Soup to begin working with a new batch of entrepreneurs, and residents are reminded that they can apply for this free business assistance and a chance to compete and win $2,000 in the next Saginaw Soup Pitch Competition. The deadline for applications for the fall Saginaw Soup event is July 31, 2022.

Saginaw Soup is a collaborative effort between Saginaw Future, Saginaw Economic Development Corporation, the Small Business Development Center, Saginaw Chamber of Commerce, CMURC, the City of Saginaw, and Bridgeport and Saginaw Downtown Development Authorities (DDA). The fall event is sponsored by Huntington Bank, Wildfire Credit Union, COPOCO Credit Union and the Bridgeport DDA.

What makes Saginaw Soup unique from other pitch competitions is the programing provided leading up to the competition. Cassi Zimmerman, Business Development Manager for Saginaw Future, commented on the committee’s efforts, “Our committee provides in-depth, personalized training opportunities to all participants in the hope that they will compete in the pitch competition and enable their business to grow and be successful right here in Saginaw. We do not disqualify a business from the Saginaw Soup process but rather utilize the programing to work with the individual and build relationships with the entrepreneur to ensure long-lasting success of their business.”

Saginaw Soup supports local entrepreneurs that have a dream and vision but need help to bring it to fruition or just want to spread awareness about who they are so they can grow. Saginaw Soup works to create relationships between service providers to share information, promote and coordinate entrepreneurship services in Saginaw County, and provide personalized assistance to businesses in the early stage of growth.

Kisha Smith, Director of the Saginaw Economic Development Corporation, commented on Saginaw Soup’s efforts, “Saginaw Soup works to inform entrepreneurs and visionaries of the resources that are available to help develop their business idea. We walk these entrepreneurs through the development of a business plan, including hosting training sessions on business problem solving, building a marketing plan, excelling over competition, and business financials. Entrepreneurs leave the program with the tools to stabilize and grow their business.” For more details about Saginaw Soup, visit the Saginaw Soup Facebook page at, or contact the Cassi Zimmerman at (989) 717-4045.