City of Saginaw, Michigan

JANUARY 25, 2022 SAGINAW, MI – At the Monday, January 24 City Council meeting, Saginaw City Council approved the appointment of 15 members to the City’s newly formed American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Advisory Committee.

The purpose of the ARPA Advisory Committee is to provide input regarding potential projects or category spending for which the City of Saginaw may use ARPA funds. The committee will meet approximately once a month or as needed and prepare recommended funding priorities for consideration by City Council. The following individuals were appointed at the Monday, January 24 meeting:

Christina Jones
Kevin Albosta
Amy Spadafore
Renee Johnston
Veronica Horn
James Hernandez
Sharon Leamon-Case
Jeffrey Bulls
Hurley Coleman, Jr.
James Doane
Grady Holmes, Jr.
Calvin Talley
Fenobia Dallas
Tina Swanton
Valerie Toney

Members of the ARPA Advisory Committee are City residents, individuals who own businesses located in the City, or the directors/managers of established/recognized non-profit corporations or churches located within the City, and a majority of the members shall be city residents. As stated in the resolution, “members must be non-biased and keep the spirit and intent of the ARPA funding, as well as all applicable rules and regulations, in mind when making recommendations.”

Mayor Brenda F. Moore commented on the new committee members, “I am grateful that we had so many outstanding citizens apply for the committee. The advice and guidance of each member is going to be essential. The role of the committee is to provide council with recommendations about funding allocations based on views from their communities of interest, and I believe the members we selected represent a broad scope of our diverse community.”

Applications received by other qualified applicants will be held for consideration should future vacancies on the committee occur. For further information on this and other City of Saginaw boards and commissions, visit
For more information on the ARPA Advisory Committee, contact the City Manager’s Office at (989) 759-1403.