City of Saginaw, Michigan

The Saginaw Police Department will welcome its newest K-9 member, a Belgian Malinois named Ares, thanks to the donation from the Saginaw Valley Police Canine Association (SVPCA). The donation was approved by Saginaw City Council at the Monday, June 7 meeting.

Ares, a 2-year-old male Belgian Malinois, is beginning his 5-week training program and will soon join his partner, Police Officer Jordan Engelhart, as an official member of the Saginaw Police K-9 unit. Ares will replace Saginaw K-9 Nvee, who retired earlier this year.

Ares was born in Mexico and raised in Michigan, where he was acquired in the fall of 2020. He began training upon arrival to the Saginaw area. This includes tracking and imprinting him with odors for detection work. Ares’ training will prepare him to detect narcotics, search for lost children and vulnerable adults who wander away from their homes. Ares will soon be ready to go out on patrol with his new human partner.

The Saginaw Police Department has partnered with the SVPCA since 2012. The SVPCA is a non-profit organization that provides support for law enforcement K-9s by covering the costs for the dog, training, medical expenses, dog food, equipment, car inserts, carriers, leads, harnesses, heat alarms and other costs related to the K9 unit.

Saginaw Police Chief Bob Ruth said, "This will allow us to have a dog on every shift. We now have 24-hour coverage. That is a huge benefit for the department and the citizens of our city."

The police dogs' capabilities are broad as "dual-purpose narcotics" dogs. The Saginaw Police K-9 Division plays an important role in the department’s efforts to curb drug activity on our streets and in the community. Ares will be patrol and narcotic certified which means he will be able to seek out hidden drugs and contraband and also help to track lost children.

Saginaw Police Chief Bob Ruth also expressed his appreciation for the overwhelming support of this program. “The contributions these dogs will bring to our force is immeasurable. I am grateful for this donation from the Saginaw Valley Police Canine Association and their commitment to safety for the City of Saginaw.”

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