City of Saginaw, Michigan

July 20, 2020 SAGINAW, MI – The City of Saginaw is aware that several Patrol Officers with the Saginaw Police Department have called in sick for the day shift for Monday, July 20, 2020. The Command Officers scheduled for today’s shift have reported for their assigned duty.

Several Patrols Officers also called in sick Friday, July 17 for the evening shift and again on Saturday, July 18 for the day shift. Saginaw Police Chief Bob Ruth has requested the assistance of the Michigan State Police and the Saginaw County Sheriff’s Department to help with patrol. Both agencies have been very supportive to offer assistance. For the nightshift of Friday, July 17, the MSP provided 11 MSP troopers, a sergeant and a K-9 unit and the Sheriff’s office assigned seven sheriff’s office personnel to assist. The MSP and Sheriff’s Department are offering similar assistance for today’s shift. Saginaw Police Chief Bob commented on the partnership, “Both the MSP and the Sheriff’s Department have been quick to respond and offer assistance. We are very appreciative of their commitment to the City of Saginaw.” Ruth stated residents can be assured the City is safe and assistance is available. “We want residents to be confident that the streets are being patrolled and if there is a need to call 911, they will have a prompt response time, regardless of what uniform the responding officer is wearing.”

The City of Saginaw is investigating the reason for the patrol officer call ins and hopes for a prompt resolution to the situation. Tim Morales, City Manager, stated that “The City is appreciative of our ongoing partnership with the Michigan State Police and the Saginaw County Sheriff's Office, as well as the cooperation we receive from our neighboring communities. Law enforcement is a vital function for local government and we are proud to assist our neighbors, and are thankful for their assistance at this time."