City of Saginaw, Michigan

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Assessor1 document

  • Assessor Documents
    document Header Assessor Documents
    Application, Affidavit, Exemption Forms

City Clerk2 documents

  • Clerk Documents
    document Header Clerk Documents
    Licenses, Permits, Registration, Petitions

City Council & City Manager3 documents

  • FOIA Documents
    document Header FOIA Documents
  • Proclamation Request
    document Header Proclamation Request
  • Saginaw City Charter
    document Header Saginaw City Charter

Code Enforcement & Permits9 documents

  • Code Enforcement Documents
    document Header Code Enforcement Documents

Department of Community & Economic Development5 documents

  • Community Development Block Grant Documents
    document Header Community Development Block Grant Documents
    Applications, Budget Forms
  • Planning and Zoning Documents
    document Header Planning and Zoning Documents
    Applications, Guidelines, Maps
  • SEDC Documents
    document Header SEDC Documents
    Applications, Guides

Department of Public Services6 documents

  • Cemeteries Documents
    document Header Cemeteries Documents
    Regulations, Maps
  • Parks and Facilities Documents
    document Header Parks and Facilities Documents
    Applications, Permits, Plans
  • Right of Way
    document Header Right of Way

Fire Department1 document

  • Documents & Annual Reports
    document Header Documents & Annual Reports
    Reports, Permits

Human Resources2 documents

  • Employee Benefits Documentation
    document Header Employee Benefits Documentation
    Policies, Plans, Contracts, Payscales
  • Employee Covid-19 Documentation
    document Header Employee Covid-19 Documentation

Income Tax Forms3 documents

  • Corporate Forms
    document Header Corporate Forms
  • Employer Withholding
    document Header Employer Withholding
  • Individual Forms
    document Header Individual Forms

Office of Management and Budget2 documents

  • City Budgets
    document Header City Budgets
  • OMB Documents
    document Header OMB Documents
    Plans, Reports

Police Department1 document

  • Police Documents
    document Header Police Documents
    Applications, Schedules

Purchasing1 document

  • Purchasing Forms
    document Header Purchasing Forms
    Forms, Requests, Regulations

Residents4 documents

  • Parking Documents
    document Header Parking Documents
    Permits, Appeal Forms

Title VI3 documents

  • Draft Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice
    document Header Draft Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice
  • Information on Title VI Non Discrimination Plan
    document Header Information on Title VI Non Discrimination Plan
  • MDOT page addressing Title VI
    document Header MDOT page addressing Title VI

Waste Water Treatment1 document

  • Waste Water Treatment Documents
    document Header Waste Water Treatment Documents
    Surveys, Applications, Forms

Water Billing1 document

  • Water Billing Documents
    document Header Water Billing Documents
    Rates, Applications

Water Treatment2 documents

  • Documents regrading Lead in the Water
    document Header Documents regrading Lead in the Water
  • Water Quality Reports
    document Header Water Quality Reports