City of Saginaw, Michigan


The City of Saginaw is located in the heart of the Great Lakes Bay Region and is home to the county seat for Saginaw County. The City of Saginaw is a result of the consolidation of the former cities of Saginaw, East Saginaw, and South Saginaw known as Salina. The former City of Saginaw was never incorporated as a village, its first incorporation was as a city in 1857. The former City of East Saginaw was first incorporated as a village in 1855, and incorporated as a city in 1859. The Village of South Saginaw was incorporated, and prior to that time it was known by its post office name, Salina. South Saginaw became a part of East Saginaw in 1873. The subsequent consolidation of East Saginaw and Saginaw took place in 1889.

Saginaw has a council-manager form of government. This form of government allows the voters to elect non-partisan representatives to our City Council for a four year term, using both odd and even election years for overlapping terms. As the council members do not represent specific districts, they are better able to take a holistic and cohesive approach to governance.

The City Council appoints a City Manager to serve as the City's chief administrator and carry out the actions and policies of the City Council by overseeing the daily operations of the organization.

The City Clerk is the primary point of contact for the public. The City Clerk also has the responsibility of maintaining public records and those of registered voters. The City Clerk administers all Federal, State, and local elections.

The City Council Meetings are regularly scheduled on Monday evenings at 6:30pm in the City Hall Council Chambers located at 1315 S. Washington Avenue, Saginaw. City Council Meetings may be scheduled at different dates and times due to Holidays, Elections, and Student Government Day. Meetings that deviate from the normal schedule are posted on the calendar and noticed to the public in accordance with the Michigan Open Meetings Act. Click here to view the City Council Meeting schedule.