City of Saginaw, Michigan

The City of Saginaw selected Greeley and Hansen Engineers to conduct a comprehensive masterplan which was completed in September of 2012. During the initial Water Treatment Plant Studies, alternatives were evaluated, including upgrading and or expansion of the existing plant, construction of a new plant or a combination of both to meet the future treatment needs of the Saginaw water system.

In the executive summary the following is stated, "Based on initial plant studies, the City of Saginaw selected rehabilitation, updating and expansion of the existing 52 MGD water treatment plant on Ezra Rust Drive as the more cost effective treatment plant alternative for continuing to meet current and future water demands of the existing system." There is much to be done to continue to supply high quality water to the Saginaw area in the coming years. The system is in the process of using the master plan to develop an implementation schedule for the needed upgrades and expansion priorities.