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City Web Presence

The development of city websites is a function provided in-house by one dedicated web developer (or webmaster) with the support of GIS technicians who sometimes provide additional work towards the websites. The City of Saginaw maintains a public website (the one you are reading right now) as well as the SONAR site for accessing GIS data on properties and bills for city residents. The city also has a presence in social media: Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, as well as an eNewsletter, and also helps to maintain the SAGA site for Saginaw County.

2013 Re-Design

The City website has been redesigned and re-launched in early 2013, which is the first redesign in the better part of a decade. The site features an update of code that is more graphical in nature, as well as more compliant with current web standards, as well as updated information and more engaging content for city residents, visitors, and anyone else looking for information about the City of Saginaw. Suggestions on features for the site are also welcomed.

Technologies Used

The city's website is developed in-house using a variety of technologies. The webmaster suggests viewing the city's sites in Google Chrome for best results. The site is built to be "responsive", meaning that depending on what device it is viewed on, the layout adjusts accordingly. To see an example of this, you can view the site on a variety of devices, desktop computer, tablet, smartphone, and you will have a unique experience. You can also just click and drag your browser window to a smaller size, and you will be able to see the site adjust to the different sizes.

Mobile Friendly

Because of the "responsive design" described above, the site is completely mobile friendly, so smartphones and tablets are compatible and should have an optimal browsing experience. If you discover any inconsistencies or errors, please report them to


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The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) rules have changed. To see how the City of Saginaw is now handling FOIA requests, please visit our new FOIA page.


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