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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. Does the city keep architectural blueprints or plans for my house?
  • A. Architectural blueprints or plans are not required to be on file with the City. If you believe your house may be classified as a "historical" building, please contact your local historical society for additional resources.
  • Q. Does the City have the location of water and sewer lines on my property?
  • A. The City maintains water and sewer records between the main or sewer main and the public right-of-way. A record of that part of the utility connection located in the right-of-way is typically on file in the Engineering Division's records. The part of the service that is located on private property is not typically recorded in city records.
  • Q. Why do I have to pay for my sidewalk repairs?
  • A. By city ordinance, homeowners are responsible for repair, upkeep and maintenance of the sidewalk.

    (A) No person shall construct or repair any sidewalk in the public right-of-way except in accordance with the line, grade, slope, and specifications established by the City Engineer, nor without first obtaining a written permit from the City Engineer. Said written permit shall be prominently displayed on the construction site. Said person shall at all times comply with the requirements of 96.04(C). The fee for such permit shall be twenty dollars ($20.00).

    (B) No person shall permit any sidewalk which adjoins property owned by him or her to fall into a state of disrepair or be unsafe. A property owner shall immediately notify the Bureau of Public Information and Complaint of any such condition.

    (C) Whenever the City Engineer shall determine that a sidewalk is unsafe for use, defective, or in disrepair or is in a condition determined by the City Engineer to be likely to become unsafe for use, defective, or in disrepair before the time of the next periodic inspection by the City Engineer, notice may be given in accordance with the provisions of 36.02. Thereafter it shall be the duty of the owner to place said sidewalk in a permanently safe state of repair. Such notice shall specify a reasonable time, not less than seven (7) days, within which such work shall be commenced and shall further provide that the same shall be completed with due diligence. In the event the owner fails to comply with said notice, the City Engineer shall have said sidewalk repaired. If the City Engineer determines that the condition of said sidewalk is such that immediate repair is necessary to protect the public, he or she may dispense with said notice. The cost of repairs hereunder shall be charged against the premises and the owner thereof, and shall be collected as provided in 33.26.

    (D) The Council may by resolution require the owners of lots and premises to build sidewalks in the public streets adjacent to and abutting upon such lots and premises, the expense of said sidewalks to be paid for by such owner. Notice to such owner shall be given in the manner provided by 36.02.

    (E) If the owner of any lot or premises shall fail to build any particular sidewalk as mentioned and described in this section within such time and in such manner as the Council shall require, the Council may cause such sidewalk to be built and the expense thereof shall be charged to such premises and the owner thereof, and collected as provided in 33.26.

    (`38 Gen'l Code, Ch. 5, 201) (Am. Ord. D-1357, passed 11-17-80, effective 11-28-80; Am. Ord. O-112, passed 4-18-11, effective 4-28-11)

  • Q. Can the city survey my property lines?
  • A. A property survey is not a service that the city provides. For land survey services, homeowners will need to contact a private survey company or engineering firm that provides land survey services.
  • Q. Why does it cost so much to have a water or sewer line replaced?
  • A. The cost of repairing a service includes the material, labor and equipment required to complete the work. The city currently subsisizes the cost of the service instead of passing on to the homeowner the actual cost to do the work. Compared with other communities in the area, costs to the homeowners are about half of the actual cost.
  • Q. What if I can't park in my driveway?
  • A. If, due to construction, such as replacing a driveway or approach, or placing a dumpster, you cannot access your driveway, Engineering can issue a parking permit valid from 3 a.m. until 6 a.m. in otherwise valid parking areas.

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