City of Saginaw, Michigan

Traffic Engineering

Traffic Engineering is responsible for the safe and efficient transportation system using the sound practice of fundamental traffic engineering principles and procedures. Approximately 100,000 vehicles pass through the city's 300 miles of intersecting streets each day. Proper signs, pavement markings, traffic signals, barricading and other devices are needed to control traffic flow and relieve congestion. Traffic Engineering personnel study and maintain the proper traffic control devices, and monitor the network for any changes that may disrupt or enhance traffic flow.

Traffic Engineering designs and drafts all closures and detours for construction projects, utility work and special events within the City of Saginaw. Traffic Engineering is also responsible for conducting all traffic and school studies, speed counts and parking requests, as well as coordinating and implementing Traffic Regulation changes and maintaining historical archives of traffic control within the public right-of-way.

All requests, complaints, concerns or questions in regards to Traffic Engineering items should be directed to the City of Saginaw Call Center at (989) 399-1311.

Traffic Signal Maintenance

LED-Traffic-Signal-Testing  Signal-and-Case-Sign-testing

There are 105 traffic signals throughout the City that the Right-of-Way Division maintains and repairs. Approximately 650 complaints and maintenance calls per year are reported. To improve traffic flow, the Right-of-Way Division evaluates signal timing. To issue a traffic complaint, please contact the City's Call Center at 989-399-1311. When making a traffic signal complaint, please provide the name of both streets at the intersection.

Street Signs


Traffic Maintenance maintains the 25,000 street signs in the city. They repair or replace approximately 1900 signs annually, as well as monitor signs for retroreflectivity to be replaced when needed.

Neighborhood Watch

Traffic Engineering coordinates the installation of Neighborhood Watch signs throughout the City. Maintains the boundaries of active Neighborhood Watch Groups. Currently there are seventeen sanctioned Neighborhood Watch groups throughout the City of Saginaw. Groups are involved in many activities such as safety patrols, monthly meetings, and special neighborhood events. Watch signs are installed throughout the neighborhoods to define boundaries and to encourage awareness, safety and commitment.

If you would like to register as a new Neighborhood Watch group

  • Contact the Saginaw Police Department to apply
  • Once a group is trained and certified, SPD contacts Traffic Engineering
  • A field review is then conducted to determine sign quantity and cost
  • The boundaries are drafted and the group is contacted for payment
  • Once payment is received, Neighborhood Watch signs are installed in the field

If you would like to replace a missing or damaged Neighborhood Watch sign

  • Please contact the City Call Center at (989) 399-1311 to report
  • Once reviewed, the group is contacted for payment
  • When payment is received, signs are replaced in the field