City of Saginaw, Michigan

Site Plan Review

A site plan review is a service provided where right-of-way will review plans and specifications for developments that effect City utilities, parking, traffic patterns and the public right-of-way. They will also provide recommendations to architects, engineers and developers to prepare plans that are acceptable to City standards. In addition to this, ROW identifies required permits and associated fees. The site plan review process begins with the City's Planning and Development Office located at City Hall 1435 S. Washington Avenue (989) 759-1304.

Permitting Process

Utility permits allow the City to enforce codes, ordinances and laws that protect the health, safety and welfare of citizens and public utilities. Permits are also required for the purpose of collecting fees to fund services provided by the City and also to ensure that the quality of work performed is uniform and completed according to standard practice.

Failure to purchase the appropriate permits may result in receiving a utility shut-off notice, fees being doubled, fines applied, or notice of corrective action requiring the homeowner to bring the utility up to city standard.

Permit fees can be paid with cash, check, or credit card in the Engineering Division located in the basement of the Public Services building at 1435 South Washington Avenue (located south of City Hall).

Fees and fines are established by City Council. Please Refer to the Saginaw Code of Ordinances.


  • Depending on the situation, multiple permits may be required
  • Permit expiration dates are listed on each permit
  • Please allow for 3 full working days before you dig - call the MISS DIG System 1-800-482-7171

Oversize Load Permit

Water Connection Permit

Water Extension Permit

Sewer Connection Permit

Meter Inspection

Sewer Extension Permit

Work Within Right of Way Permit

Sidewalk Permit

Barricade Permit

Curb Cut Permit