City of Saginaw, Michigan

Pavement Markings

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Traffic Engineering oversees the annual contract for the application of long-line pavement markings on major streets throughout the City. The material is applied on a rotating two-year cycle, alternating between the east and west side of the City, with all bridges painted annually. This means that Traffic Engineering will paint all cross walks, stop bars, center lines, school crossings, railroad crossings and lane designators every other year on the east and west sides of the city in addition to maintaining pavement marking for public parking areas as needed.

The contract includes an annual application of over 120,000 feet of thermo-plastic paint on the east side of the river during even years, and over 105,000 feet on the west side of the river during odd years. Contingent on the current construction cycle, quantities may be adjusted accordingly.

Please contact the City Call Center at (989) 399-1311 for pavement marking information.