City of Saginaw, Michigan

On-street parking is allowed in the City of Saginaw unless there is a posted No Parking zone in place, or the vehicle is obstructing any of the items outlined in the Michigan Vehicle Code - MCL Section 257.674, Prohibited Parking. There are other local City ordinances that apply, too, such as no parking on any City street between 3-6am, no parking in your front yard, no blocking sidewalks, etc. These were just a few common examples. A complete listing of all City ordinances can be viewed in the City Clerk's office, or you may call them at (989) 759-1480.

Additional information on parking, such as ticketing, is available here.

If a change in a Parking Zone is desired, standard procedure requires a specific request to be submitted in writing to:

A parking survey is then conducted among the owners and residents affected by the proposal. If a majority agrees, the request is submitted to the Transportation Committee for review and the requestor is contacted with the results. If the committee concurs, the regulation change is submitted to City Council for approval. Once City Council approves, Parking signs are updated in the field. Please contact the City Call Center at (989) 399-1311 if you require additional information.