City of Saginaw, Michigan

Services Provided by Right of Way

The Right of Way Division provides services that ensure the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of the City of Saginaw.

Maintaining Infrastructure

Routine maintenance activities within the right-of-way are necessary because they extend the usable life of the infrastructure, minimize or eliminate hazardous situations and public nuisances within the right-of-way, and enhance the appearance of neighborhoods and the community as a whole. Activities performed by the Right-of-Way Division that support the mission include maintaining street lighting and traffic signals and signs, street sweeping, street patching, crack and joint sealing, and parkway tree trimming and removal. Maintaining infrastructure also supports the operation of other City divisions as well. For example, street sweeping removes road debris that would otherwise enter the storm sewer system and snow removal facilitates safe passage of public safety and emergency vehicles responding to calls for assistance.

Enhancing Neighborhoods

The services provided by the Right-of-Way Division enhance neighborhoods and the City as a whole, by creating a community of distinct neighborhoods that are unique, clean, free of hazards, and feel safe and inviting. Routine activities performed by the Right-of-Way Division such as trash removal, right-of-way tree trimming and removal, composting, street sweeping and road resurfacing and reconstruction all create an environment that make neighborhoods livable and desirable.

Promoting Safety

The Right-of-Way Division constantly monitors and evaluates how the public utilizes the right-of-way and the Division strives to make the interaction safe for pedestrians and vehicle traffic in order to reduce the potential for injury, property damage, loss of use and expense for the public and the City. Activities that support this mission include road plowing and de-icing, removal of dead or damaged right of way trees, maintaining and replacing old or damaged signs, signals and pavement markings, maintaining safe visible cross walks, and conducting traffic and parking studies and making recommendations that improve public safety. The Division also inspects public sidewalk and makes temporary repairs to provide a safer walking surface.

Plan for the future

The Right-of-Way Division is a resource for contractors, planners and developers and routinely reviews and provides recommendations on proposed site plans that impact the right-of-way, traffic flow and parking. In addition, the Division plans, designs and schedules roadway, water distribution system and sewer collection system infrastructure improvements. The Division observes and inspects construction activities within the right of way to ensure construction complies with City standards, coordinates engineering design with professional service companies, and conducts development site plan reviews submitted to the Planning and Zoning Division. The Division also plans and implements energy efficiency projects in order to decrease future operating costs and continue to provide a high level of service in the most cost effective way.