City of Saginaw, Michigan

Sidewalk Complaints

Residents may file a complaint or a trip and fall hazard by contacting the City's Call Center (989-399-1311)
Sidewalk permits are required to repair, replace or install new sidewalk.

Railroad Complaints

There are 31 railroad crossings, owned by two different railroad companies within the City of Saginaw. The Railroad is responsible for maintaining their right-of-way along the tracks, and at each crossing. As a maintaining agency, the City is responsible for the street adjacent to the crossing, and also for the railroad signs and pavement markings at the crossing.
Below you can see several examples of railroad complaints.

Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) conducts routine maintenance inspections periodically, although the City or Railroad may request a diagnostic review prior to the inspection if a designated crossing receives complaints due to disrepair.

If you have a complaint about the condition of a specific railroad crossing

  • Please contact the City Call Center at (989) 399-1311
  • A joint field review is conducted to determine responsibility and repairs
  • MDOT is contacted if a diagnostic review is requested to mandate the repairs
  • If directed, the responsible agency has six months to comply with the order to repair
  • The requestor is contacted with updates on their original complaint