City of Saginaw, Michigan

 "The Motor Pool Operations Division of the Department of Public Services provides regular maintenance to all city vehicles, which allows the City of Saginaw to better serve the community."

With the use of a computerized fleet management system we are able to track the use of over 323 fleet units. All repairs are documented on work orders and retained in individual files. This allows us to provide a strong preventative maintenance program, which keeps operational costs at a minimum. Maintenance is scheduled in accordance with the manufacturer recommendations or as necessary based on actual field use.

All vehicles, with the exception of the Community Public Safety – Fire vehicles, are included in the Motor Pool Operation inventory. The Motor Pool maintains City departments much needed specialized equipment such as Brush Chippers, Snow Plows, Sewer Jets, etc.

When purchasing new equipment the Motor Pool takes all specifications, requirements, and recommendations from the other departments into consideration. The vehicles and equipment purchased are required to meet all Federal, State, and Local standards and regulations.