City of Saginaw, Michigan



D/Sgt. Matthew Gerow


D/Sgt. Oscar Lopez

The Investigation Division ensures swift follow-up on criminal complaints involving both adult and juvenile offenders. This includes interviewing the appropriate parties and obtaining the evidence necessary to prosecute. The collaborations with Michigan State Police and Michigan Department of Corrections have been instrumental in apprehending known offenders and reducing violence crime within the city.

Detectives Detectives Phone Numbers
A. Accardo 989-759-1419
A. Avery 989-759-1465
P. Graves 989-759-1761
B. Jebb 989-759-1762
R. Jerewski 989-759-1231
K. Mercer 989-759-1628
N. McNab 989-759-1264
D. Ziegelmann 989-759-1488