City of Saginaw, Michigan

The Diversity Initiative Community Explorers or DICE Program, was created by the City of Saginaw Fire Department to educate the youth within the City on some of the requirements of the job for a professional firefighter. The DICE program takes students from the local high schools between the ages of 15-17 years of age and puts them the rigors of a career firefighter. The students get to experience the day to day operations of the City’s fire dept. The week long program includes training in the following tasks. -CPR/ First Aid -Overhaul and salvage -Vehicle extrication -Personal rescue -Water safety and water rescue -Physical fitness -Rescue of a trapped occupant -Firefighter entry agility test -Visit to MBS airport Fire Department -Graduation The Fire Department wants to afford local youth the opportunity to help their community by considering a career in the fire service. it is the hope of the department to better the community by exposing more youth within the city as to what a firefighter does and the teamwork it takes to be part of a group that puts itself on the line for its community.