City of Saginaw, Michigan

If you own a home in the Heritage Square Neighborhood, please see the map below to see if your home qualifies. Homes categorized in groups A, B, and C Qualify.  Structures rated D would have to come before the HDC for evaluation and a letter stating if it is contributing.

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What is the State Historic Tax Credit program?

How does this State Historic Tax Credit program compare to the previous historic tax credit program that Michigan offered until 2012?

When will I be able to apply for the credits?

What credits are available?

Will there be a review fee associated with the State credit application process?

Will there be a State Tax Historic Tax Credit application form?

Are projects with an existing approved Federal Part 2 eligible for State credits?

Can I apply for the State credits retroactively?

How long will the review process take?

Are the State credits available to owner occupied residential properties?

Who is eligible for the credits?

Who is a Qualified Taxpayer?

What properties qualify for the credits?

What Standards will be used to determine if proposed work is acceptable?

Are there limits on the amount of State credit a project may receive?

How much must I spend to qualify for a credit?

Are the State credits transferable?

When must credit assignments be made?

Can the State and Federal Historic credits be combined?

What is the relationship between the Federal and State historic tax credit program?

Is the amount of the State credits impacted by the Federal credit when combined?

When are the credits clamed?

What happens if the taxpayer does not begin to claim the credit within five years?