City of Saginaw, Michigan

Composed of nine members - six private citizens and three ex-officio members. The Commission reviews and approves site plans, requests for special uses, and makes recommendations to City Council on street and alley vacations and requests for rezoning or zoning code text changes. In regard to special uses, there are certain uses that the Commission can approve only after a public hearing. These uses normally require review to determine that they will not have a negative impact on the neighborhood.

An example of a special use would be the conversion of a dwelling into a three or four unit in an R-2 District. The Commission would hold a hearing and determine if that use is appropriate for the neighborhood.

Other types of Special Uses to be approved by the commission in the various zoning districts include the following:

  • R-1, R-2 Districts - Churches, Hospitals
  • RO-1 Districts -Office Uses
  • B-1 Districts -Gasoline Service Stations
  • B-2 Districts -Use Car Lots, Car Washes, Adult Land Uses
  • M-1 Districts -Restaurants, Hotels

City Planning Commission Meeting