City of Saginaw, Michigan

"beauty is not trickery, not illusion . . . but arranging elements like trees, water and rocks in a way that there is no crowding, no competition for attention."
-Yataro Suzue

The Japanese cultural center has a beautiful garden which opened to the public in 1971. It was designed by Mr. Yataro Suzue and Lori Barber. The tea house was designed by renowned architect Mr. Tsutomu Takenaka and constructed in 1986 as a collaborative effort between the City of Saginaw and its sister city Tokushima, Japan. Its foundation rests part on American soil and part on Japanese soil. It is treasured as one of the most authentic tea houses in North America. The form of tea ceremony performed there dates back in an unbroken lineage to 1600 AD.

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