City of Saginaw, Michigan

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Location can make or break a business. We can help you find the right site for yours. Start by checking the inventory of development sites we have available.

Rental Properties Information


These properties have been identified as key, for lease properties, that are owned by private individuals. City staff and Saginaw Future, Inc. have met with the owners of each of the listings to ensure the owners are committed to redevelopment and negotiating a fair lease with interested entrepreneurs. We will be happy to facilitate a meeting with the owner of any of these properties, assist with identifying financing, and incentive opportunities.

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Redevelopment Properties Information


These properties are owned by the City of Saginaw or its partners and have been identified as strategic assets ready for redevelopment, . The City is keenly interested in keeping the economic momentum moving forward and will work with any interested party in developing each property to its highest and best use. You will find the City of Saginaw and its staff are extremely easy to work with and will do whatever they can to help you make your project a reality.

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