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The Saginaw Police Department has had a K-9 Unit for quite a few years now. The K-9 units have proven to be very effective when it comes to narcotics, tracking suspects or persons of interest, building and area searches, and aggression tactics. The officers and their canine partners average around 400 uses per year.

Officer Jeff Wenzell is the senior K-9 handler at the Saginaw Police Department. Officer Wenzell is the handler of his German shepherd partner Kilo. Officer Doug Stacer is the handler of his German shepherd partner Canjo. These officers not only do all of the above but also assist Community Police Officers in doing classroom presentations as well as doing them on their own.

It seems at times that the most popular officers in the Saginaw Police Department are Kilo and Canjo, and they are considered officers. Kilo and Canjo have proven to be the best officers in convincing someone to come out of hiding. Once a suspect realizes that it is our K-9 officers that are coming in to get them out, the suspect tends to have a change of heart and comes out on their own.

When you see them out and about, get to know our K-9 officers and let them know they are doing a great job, because they are.

D/Sgt. Chris Chambers
Public Information Office/Sgt. Reggie Williams #387
Public Information Office/Lt. Brian Cole


MMWA Announcement:

Mid Michigan Waste Authority is pleased to announce that we will not be charging residents who turn in CRT televisions and monitors at our Tech Tuesday drop-off days on September 6 and 13. MMWA’s e-waste days will continue to accept other electronic items like keyboards, printers, mice, hard drives, flat screen monitors, cables, scanners, phones, tablets, and fax machines for free. To keep the event entirely free, there will also be no charge to recycle flat screen televisions.

Tech Tuesdays will be held on September 6 and 13 from 9am to 1pm at MMWA’s Community Resource Recovery Center, 2063 S Miller Rd (between Ederer and Swan Creek Roads) in Saginaw.

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The City of Saginaw PD has new crime mapping software available. Click the link below to access an interactive Crime map of the City.

City of Saginaw Interactive Crime Map

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