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City Changes Weed Abatement Policy – Effective Immediately

Changes are being made to the City’s Weed Abatement Policy due to the increasing costs, equipment failure, and the growing number of properties requiring cutting by the City. Over the past 5 years, the number of cuts has increased exponentially to an impossible number to manage. In 2008, the City had 4,028 cuts; and in 2012 there were 11,269 cuts with over 15,000 properties cited for violations. Residents are asked to please cut and maintain their property grass and weeds to be compliant with the City’s Ordinance on Noxious Weeds.

The City of Saginaw enforces the Noxious Weeds Ordinance from April 1 through November 1. The Noxious Weeds Ordinance states that no property owner shall allow their grass to grow greater than 9 inches in height. It also states the City Manager MAY abate such nuisance; and charge it back to the property owner. However, the City is not obligated to provide weed abatement services.

The changes in the Weed Abatement Policy will affect local streets. The City will only provide entire lot cuts on MDOT State roadways, and City Major Streets. For properties on local streets, the City will only be cutting the parkways, three feet behind the sidewalks, and corner site clearance.

Phil Karwat, Director of Public Services commented “These changes are necessary due to budget constraints, equipment failure and replacement needs, and the rapidly growing number of properties to be cut. The City must reduce these services with an annual budget of $280,000. For the past five years, the total amount of uncollected revenue from unpaid citations is approximately $770,000. We just do not have the funds to provide weed abatement services adequately for all the parcels that are in violation and require cutting by the City.”

Changes in the Weed Abatement Policy are Effective Immediately. Property owners are reminded to Keep Saginaw Beautiful by maintaining and cutting the grass on their property.


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