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Consumers Energy Seasonal Tree Trimming

Consumers Energy - As part of our commitment to continue providing you and your neighbors with safe and reliable electric service, Consumers Energy is planning line clearing work along our electric lines in the city of Saginaw, and Saginaw Township.

Broken tree limbs and fallen trees are a major cause of electric outages. Because we understand that power interruptions are inconvenient for you and your neighbors, our line clearing program helps ensure the long-term dependability of electric service in your community.

We're notifying all our valued customers, who are served from the same electric circuit, about planned line clearing work; however line clearing may not be needed on all the properties.

Our work planner has or will soon inspect our electric line right-of-way for any vegetation conditions that could interfere with your electric service. If pruning or tree removal is needed on your property, the planner already has or will soon attempt to notify you by placing a door card on your home, mailing a postcard to you or talking with you in person.

Large trees requiring pruning are marked with a blue dot, and large trees requiring removal are marked with a blue "X." Brush, including small trees, also will be cleared from our right-of-way but may not be marked.

Line clearing work in your neighborhood is managed by your local Consumers Energy forester, (Allison Buell). Because we're committed to providing you with excellent customer service, our foresters and work planners are certified arborists. These professionals are dedicated to identifying necessary line clearing work and decreasing future clearing needs by directing new growth away from our electric lines or removing trees.

Tree crews from (Davey Expert Tree Company) will perform any necessary clearing, which may take several months to complete. Wood up to four inches in diameter will be chipped and removed from lawn areas only. Remaining wood will be cut to manageable sections and left on your property. You will not be billed for this work.

If you have any questions or concerns about the line clearing work on your property, please visit us online at or call our work planner.

Thank you for working with us to keep our electric lines clear, safe and reliable.


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