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City of Saginaw Launches New Website

CITY OF SAGINAW LAUNCHES NEW WEBSITE at March 11, 2013 SAGINAW, MI – The City of Saginaw, Technical Services Department has been working on a new website for the past 6 months updating information, creating a more user-friendly experience, making it more responsive to mobile devices, and adding more links and photos. The Technical Services Department launched its new website this morning, and it is active and available at

“We would like to welcome the Citizens of Saginaw and all our internet guests to our new and improved website. Our goal was to develop a site that provided visitors with a user friendly environment, information that was easily accessible with an intuitive design,” commented Jeff Klopcic, Technical Services Director.

We have also updated the site with new information and more engaging content for city residents, visitors, and anyone else looking for information about the City of Saginaw. We have added a "news" section to more fully serve the community's need for information about the City of Saginaw. Previously, the news was not archived, which we will be doing going forward.

Brandon Duvall, Information Technology Developer stated, "I am excited to launch the newly updated website for the City of Saginaw. This is a project that myself and others have been working on internally for several months. I hope that the citizens of Saginaw and all the users of our site will see the benefits. We have made several improvements, including making it more user-friendly, more mobile friendly, and overall a better user experience."

The new site features an update of code that is more graphical in nature, as well as more compliant with current web standards. The site is built to be "responsive," and the layout adjusts to the viewing device. To see an example of this, you can view the site on a variety of devices such as desktop computer, tablet, smartphone, and you will have a unique experience. Due to the "responsive design" described above, the site is completely mobile friendly, so smartphones and tablets are compatible and should have an optimal browsing experience.

For more information contact Brandon Duvall, Information Technology Developer, at 759-1223.


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The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) rules have changed. To see how the City of Saginaw is now handling FOIA requests, please visit our new FOIA page.



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