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Saginaw City Hall Without Heat

March 1, 2013 SAGINAW, MI – For the second day, Saginaw City Hall is without heat. City Hall is still open for business; however, with limited staffing, thus there could be longer wait times for counter service. Maintenance staff is waiting for a part expected to arrive this morning, and the problem could be fixed sometime today. That exact time, at this point, is uncertain.

There are two boilers that provide heat to City Hall; a newer boiler replaced in 2010 and a much older boiler that is approximately 30 years old. Late in the day on February 4, prior to the regular City Council meeting, the 30-year old boiler failed. There was a problem in the system which caused this boiler to be damaged beyond repair and in need of replacement. Maintenance did an emergency shutdown of the failed boiler and was able to isolate and separate it from the heating system. As a result, the load for heating the entire building was shifted to the other boiler, which has now failed. The newer boiler is inoperable due to the failure of the electronic main computer processor. Shifting the heating load as a result of the first boiler failure in February, it is believed, contributed to the added failure of the newer, second boiler, which was installed in 2010 using Energy Efficiency Conservation Block Grant Funds at a cost of $56,000.

Another contributing factor to the boiler failure is the aged distribution system in the form of corrosive and old steam lines and pipes that carry the heat. The pipes and steam lines also are failing, and have added significant stress to the boilers. Last fall, faulty steam pipes were the reason that two offices had to be restored as a result of damage from broken pipes.

“The age of City Hall and the failure of these systems will continue to be a long-term financial challenge until the facility is renovated and restored. This is the latest in a series of facility-related problems since the plans to renovate and restore City Hall was rejected by the voters in 2011” said City Manager, Darnell Earley.
For more information contact Debbie Buck, Public Information Office at 759-1403.


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