City of Saginaw MI -

The City of Saginaw will host an Open House to present new election equipment. The Open House will be held Tuesday, June 12, and Wednesday, June 13 from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at City Hall in Council Chambers, Room 205.

The City of Saginaw has acquired new election equipment through the Michigan Department of State and received Federal Help America Vote Act and State-appropriated funding for a new voting system and equipment.

The City Clerk's Office will conduct open houses to demonstrate the new equipment prior to its use in the August 7 and November 6 Elections. The public will be afforded the opportunity for hands-on interactive activity to gain confidence in using the new system. Educational stations will provide information regarding casting your vote by marking an oval rather than an arrow, the ability to cast a demonstration ballot, the new accessible voting device, verify polling locations, voter registration, and accept election day worker applications for those seeking a great opportunity to give back to the city by participating in the democratic process.

Residents who visit Celebration Park can enjoy a fun recreational experience in a safe and accessible environment for people of all ages and abilities. The 2018 summer season will feature favorite amenities such as exciting boulder climbing structures of various sizes within the existing playscape area. The park also includes sidewalks and paths for those who love to walk, with many added benches in scenic locations along the way. A pavilion area is available for picnics or those special summer celebrations.

For more information of the Election Open House, please contact the City Clerk’s Office at 989.759.1480.

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