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Free Carbon Monoxide Alarms for City of Saginaw Residents

The Saginaw Fire Department has purchased 1,300 carbon monoxide alarms to be installed in Saginaw homes. This purchase was made possible through funding provided by a FEMA Fire Protection and Safety grant.

Fire Department officials would like to raise awareness of carbon monoxide safety and remind all City of Saginaw residents to take advantage of this outstanding free program. Here are some highlights of the program:

  • The Saginaw Fire Department will come and install a carbon monoxide alarm in the correct location in resident’s homes.
  • At the time of the installation, fire fighters will also provide residents valuable carbon monoxide safety information.
  • The carbon monoxide alarms have a digital display and are powered by a sealed 10-year lithium battery that cannot be removed and does not need to be replaced for the life of the alarm.

Carbon monoxide, or CO, is a colorless and odorless gas. CO poisoning can occur when a fuel-burning appliance or machine, such as a furnace, heater, or generator, is not working or venting properly. Breathing in CO at high levels can be fatal.

According to Fire Chief Christopher Van Loo, “This free carbon monoxide alarm program has already been proven to be highly effective. Since the Saginaw Fire Department started installing free carbon monoxide alarms in December 2017, we have already responded to 4 carbon monoxide incidents at residences in which we installed alarms. In each of these incidents, the CO alarm activated and alerted residents of a dangerous carbon monoxide situation.” City of Saginaw residents are encouraged to call (989) 759-1393 to request a free carbon monoxide alarm. To learn more about carbon monoxide safety, click the following link:

For more information please call Fire Chief Christopher Van Loo at (989) 759-1375.


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