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City Clerk

The City Clerk Office is a primary point of contact for the public and strives to provide the highest quality of service to the community by supporting the organized values and goals of the City Council. The responsibilities and services provided by the City Clerk's Office include:

  • Maintaining the integrity of public records including: the charter, minutes of Council proceedings, ordinances, resolutions, deeds/easements and contracts/agreements.
  • Administers all Federal, State and Local Elections (results).
  • Maintains the records of all registered voters.
  • Publishes and posts public notices as required by law.
  • Handles mail distribution and postage for City offices.

Notices of Vacancies to the Boards and Commissions

List of Boards and Commissions Vacancies
  • Liquor License processing.
  • Handles property and liability claims.
  • Business License processing.
  • Vendor and/or Tent Permit Processing.
  • Dangerous Dog Registration.
  • Non-Owner Occupied Dwelling Licensing.
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City Charter

A City Charter is a basic law formulating the government for a city that, within the limitations of the state constitution and legislative enactments, established the framework of government, defines powers and duties, and identifies the rights and responsibilities of a city in fulfilling the needs of its citizens

Saginaw City Charter

City Clerk's Office
Bureau of Public Information

City Hall, Room 102
989.759.1447 fax

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