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City of Saginaw Police Department

612 Federal Ave.
Saginaw, MI 48607


We will strive for the continuous development of Saginaw as a model city - where people want to live, to conduct business and to visit. As a professional organization, we will use our talents to create and sustain a safe environment for all.


We are committed to upholding the public trust by serving the community with integrity, honesty, accountability and respect.


The Saginaw Police Department will work in partnership with the community to reduce the fear and incidence of crime, to enhance the quality of life, and to render the highest standards of professional law enforcement.

The Saginaw Police Department's Patrol Services Bureau provides the citizens of Saginaw with a safe environment through the appointment of qualified, experienced and highly professional personnel. The Patrol Services Bureau is comprised of approximately 55 sworn personnel who provide assistance in various tasks throughout the bureau.

Accident Reports

Accident reports will no longer be provided by the Saginaw Police Department.

Patrol Operations

Patrol Operations is the forefront of professional public service delivery. They serve as a channel of information to other interdepartmental divisions, city departments, and the community. Patrol Operations oversees uniformed patrol and supports a variety of other departments, including: Traffic, Canine Units, the Emergency Services Team (EST), the Police Reserve Unit, and the Honor Guard.

Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is a 24-hour, 365-day operation. Two watch commanders (lieutenants) oversee a rotating 12-hour day and night shift. You can reach the shift commander at 759-1297. Four patrol sergeants act under the direct supervision of the Lieutenant:

Lt. Craig Bell
Watch Commander


Rotation A

Rotation B

Sgt. S. Gass
Sgt. J. Madaj
Sgt. M. Scott
Sgt. J. Walny
Sgt. D. Meehleder
Sgt. K. Schmidt
Sgt. M. Ward
Sgt. S. Woodcock

Community Police

The Saginaw Police Department follows a "Same Cop/Same Neighborhood" approach to crime reduction, in which Sergeants supervise officers assigned to 1 of 4 quadrants throughout the City of Saginaw. Officers attend monthly meetings with neighborhood associations and District Police Advisory Councils (DPACS), during which the Chief and Community Police Officers meet with citizens of the community to discuss issues and develop unique problem-solving techniques in order to make our neighborhoods safer. This creation of a partnership involving citizens and businesses has afforded the city of Saginaw great progress and direction in its effort to cut down on crime.

Front Desk

The front desk serves as an information center to assist citizens who require general information or who want to report a non-emergency incident. Desk hours are Monday through Thursday from 9:00 am to 4 pm. Calls after 4pm will go to an answering machine. Staff will respond on the next working day.

Phone: (989)759-1289

Impounded Vehicles

Anyone needing assistance regarding impounded vehicles outside of normal desk hours may call the Saginaw County Central Dispatch non-emergency number.

Phone: (989) 797-4580

Canine (K-9) Unit

The Saginaw Police Department has four canines in its division: Kilo, Canjo, Cigon, and Mitch. These canines are handled by Officers Jeff Wenzell, Doug Stacer, Brad Holp, and Johnathan Beyerlien respectively. As seasoned crime fighters, our canines do a variety of things to help the department, such as suspect tracking, searching for missing or lost children, locating drugs, and conducting building searches. As ambassadors for the Saginaw Police Department, our canines also show off their talents performing and entertaining citizens both locally and nationally at schools and other venues.

Emergency Services Team (est)

The Emergency Services Team (EST), commonly known as S.W.A.T., is a highly trained multi-jurisdictional unit. It is comprised of 15 officers specifically trained in tactical operations and arrest procedures. Activation of the team occurs when high- risk situations arise. High-risk activation may consist of a barricaded gunman and/or hostage situation, an encounter with a sniper, execution of high-risk search warrants, the need for V.I.P. security, and/or for high angle rescues.

Traffic Section

The Saginaw Police Department's Traffic Section works diligently to enforce traffic laws, educate the public in traffic safety, and investigate serious injury accidents. The Traffic Section uses marked patrol cars with radar, laser and video camera systems to provide a safe driving environment to thousands of motorists who use our city streets annually. Public education occurs through a variety of traffic safety programs and the department's annual traffic safety campaign, which are designed to reduce drunken driving incidents and increase safety belt and child safety seat use.

Phone: 989.759.1270

Mobile Mini-Station

The Mobile Mini-Station is a thirty-two foot Cruisemaster mobile home converted into a traveling police station. The unit is equipped with telephones, computers and radios. It affords the Saginaw Police Department the capability to station personnel in "hot spots" throughout the city on an ‘as needed' basis to suppress crime and restore peace to neighborhoods. The unit also serves as a command center for community disasters. The Mobile Mini-Station provides support to neighborhood and community groups for events such as bicycle registrations, parades, and child fingerprinting and identification.


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