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Owing to Saginaw's dwindling population, structural abandonment has proved to be a large undertaking for the city. In recent years, the city's populace has dropped over 50%, from around 140,000 to 61,000. This has resulted in many abandoned or unattended homes, businesses, and vehicles, as well as an accumulation of leftover debris throughout the community. In addition to deserted dwellings, many businesses have operated without business licenses or inspection by any code enforcement entity. Easy access to these abandoned structures and minimal code enforcement efforts led to a rise in arson rates, provoking a public outcry to engage in a full-force community cleanup. These efforts resulted in the creation of the S.C.E.N.I.C. Team.

S.C.E.N.I.C combines personnel from the Saginaw Fire and Police Departments and the Department of Development, which works to reduce the financial and workload burden of any single department while also providing a broader base of expertise. This joint effort also provides greater flexibility in addressing code concerns over broader community areas and creates familiarity of code requirements outside each individual discipline or code, whether they be Building or Fire Code or various adopted ordinance requirements.

S.C.E.N.I.C has succeeded not only in improving the community's appearance overall, but also in reducing the potential for fire or other hazardous circumstance. Furthermore, as communication continuously improves amongst departments, the team has demonstrated how effective a focused enforcement code can be when various divisions unite in a common cause.

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