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The Fire Prevention and Safety Division is multifaceted and represents the department and the City of Saginaw in several distinct and very diverse areas. The City of Saginaw and the Fire Prevention and Safety Division is enforcing the 2000 edition of the International Fire Code; each uniformed member of the Division is certified as National Fire Protection Association Fire Inspector. The Division functions as the department public information representative and provides a number of presentations and conducts workshops that teach fire and life safety in the home, at school, and for business and industry. The presentations and workshops assist citizens in recognizing and eliminating potential hazards.

The Division conducts mandated and discretionary inspections to ensure compliance with state and local fire codes with follow-up inspections to ensure correction of noted hazards. The Division has a close working relationship with other city and state code enforcement agencies to ensure compliance with all applicable codes. Construction plans review is conducted by the Division for new or major commercial construction modification to ensure proper built-in fire protection and fire code compliance. Another significant function of the Division is fire cause determination and circumstances surrounding a fire incident. The Division is a team member of the Fire Investigative Services Team (F.I.S.T.) and is actively involved in the prosecution of offenders involved in arson and arson related crimes; each uniformed member of the division is certified as a Michigan Fire and Arson Investigator.

A close cooperative effort exists between the Division and the public and parochial schools systems. Presentations are provided to each school annually and with the addition of 'Freddie' the inflatable firefighter the presentations have been improved to include a new dimension of theatrics to aid children in the retention of fire and life safety information. Handout instructional materials are made available through local grants and foundations to assist in providing valuable life safety information to children and parents alike.

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